Hi, I'm Rob Taylor

All about me

That's me!

I'm a final year Software Engineering student at Bournemouth University. I'm passionate about everything to do with computing and love writing software.

I love playing video games and have briefly dabbled in game development with Unity.

I'm almost always listening to music. I've seen some of my favourites live including Queen, Green Day and Rise Against.

My skills

Programming/Markup languages



Android Development

Web Development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)

Version Control (Git, SubVersion)

Development Methodologies (Scrum)

Industry Experience

Cognito iQ (2017 - 2018, 2019 - Present)

I currently work at Cognito iQ in the mobile app team. I originally worked at Cognito during my placement year, and have since returned.

My responsibilities include:

My time in industry has cemented my love for software development.


Some of my previous projects (including this website) are available on my GitHub profile.


I completed my dissertation project in May 2019. The project was designed to derive multiple apps from a single codebase, and evaluate the development lifecycle.

I decided to use React & React Native, which allowed me to pull a web app and Android/iOS apps from the same code. The project was a success, and I graduated with a 2:1 in Software Engineering.

More details are available on request.

dissertation project

Karen Coulson's Website

I have re-designed Karen Coulson's personal website, showcasing her art. I used Bootstrap for the basic layout and made some minor modifications using Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) in a node project. PHP was used to ensure Karen could easily update her featured art and gallery pages.

This has replaced Karen's old website and is viewable here.


Contact me

You can get in contact with me through email, or by connecting with me on LinkedIn.